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Legal Statement

Legal Statement


This website is owned and operated by Shanghai MicroPort EP MedTech Co., Ltd ("MicroPort EP"). Please read the terms and conditions below carefully before you enter, browse and use this website. If you do not agree with the content hereof, please do not continue accessing to, browsing and using this website. By carrying on entering, browsing and using this website, you should be deemed as having fully understood and accepted this statement and having accepted to abide by all the applicable laws.


Any content of this website involving a copyright in the form of, including but not limited to, data, text, images, sound, animation and video, belongs to MicroPort EP or an affiliate of MicroPort EP. Nobody should copy, reproduce, spread, publish, quote, adapt, compile, link to others or display any content of this website without the prior written approval or authorization by MicroPort EP orits affiliate, neither should anyone mirror this website to any server which does not belong to MicroPort EP.

Any MicroPort EP corporate logo or logos and trademarks for MicroPort EP products are either registered in China and/or in other countries, or trademarks owned by MicroPort EP or its affiliates which shall not be used by anybody without the prior written consent by MicroPort EP or its affiliates.


Non-commercial use of any content and services provided by this website for purpose of personal learning and research without making any profitor advertising shall abide by the copyright laws and other related laws and regulations, and shall not infringe MicroPort EP's or itsaffiliates' rights.

Nobody shall use any content or services provided by this website for commercial, profit-making or advertising purpose.

Nobody should change, publish, broadcast, reproduce, copy, alter, spread, present, display, link to others or use part or the full content or services provided by this website before it is specially authorized by either this website or MicroPort EP.


MicroPort EP undertakes NO guarantee to the accuracy, update-to-date, completeness and reliability of any content of this website, nor to the consequence of using such content.

MicroPort EP never makes an express or implied warranty orguarantee towards use of this website, use of any content or services providedby, and/or information linked to from this website, or any website or information linked to this website, including but not limited to merchantability, fitness to a particular purpose, or protection of the interested person's rights.

MicroPort EP does not accept responsibility relating to availability, errors occurred during the use of this website, including but not limited to direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential responsibilities.

MicroPort EP does not accept responsibility relation to a decision made, or an action taken by anyone in reliance on any information obtained while entering into, browsing and using this website. Neither will MicroPort EP be responsible for any direct or indirect losses, or punitive compensation to damages of any kind caused during entering into, browsing and using thiswebsite, including but not limited to business interruption, data loss or lossof profit.

MicroPort EP does not accept responsibility with respect to computer system crash and software, hardware, IT system affection, or property damage or loss caused by viruses or affected programs downloaded from this website or any content of this website.

The information posted at this website relating to MicroPort EP's corporation information, products, and the relevant business may contain predictive statements, which may be of risk and uncertainty. Such statements are intended to indicate MicroPort EP's prediction on the future development which shall not be relied on as a guarantee for the future business development and performance.


Links contained herein to other sites other than MicroPort EP Shanghai is not under the control of MicroPort EP. MicroPort EP does not responsible for any damages caused by visiting such other linked websites though this website. Use of such linked website should be subject to its terms and conditions and the applicable laws and regulations.

Any such links are provided solely for convenient purpose. No such link constitutes a use of such websites or recommendation of the products or services contained therein.


MicroPort EP reserve all right to claim against any their damage caused by anyone because of a violation of this legal statement. 

MicroPort EP reserve all rights to act against any breaching party in accordance with the applicable laws and regulation.


All disputes in connection with this website and legal statements hall be governed by and construed in accordance with Chinese law. All disputes in connection with this website and legal statement shall be submitted to the People's Court at MicroPort EP's place.

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